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Caring for Paws

Your dogs paws are by far the most hard working part of your dog. They are subjected to a whole host of different surfaces, from hot concrete on a summers day to grit-riddled snow and ice on freezing cold winters day with a whole host of other surfaces in between.

Your dogs paws are also one of the most absorbant parts of their body, allowing chemicals from the home, garden and outside be absorbed. As a result your dogs paw pads can end up sore, dry, rough and even split.

We at Health Mutt take the health of your dogs paws very seriously indeed. We developed Paw Amour and Paw Amour simple to help keep your dogs paws healthy & supple naturally. Rather than add to the list of chemicals that may be being absorbed into your dogs blood stream through the paws, we use only 100% natural ingredients in our Paw Amour range. The moisturising oils we use are the very best. We use coconut oil in each tin together with other equally fantastic ingredients each one designed to bring moisture and health to your dogs paws. Paw Grooming

Paw Amour original includes a lovely blend of essential oils picked out to add health and vitality.

Sensitive Paws Care

Paw Amour Simple contains no essential oils and is for very sensitive dogs, pregnant mama’s and very small pups. The base of concentrated moisturising ingredients is the same as the original.


Natural dog paw grooming products

We use coconut oil in a number of our products as it’s recently been hailed as a wonder product that comes directly from nature. It’s safe to be licked at and provides immediate, intense, natural moisturising that will looks after your dogs paws as only nature knows how.

natural paw moisturiser
Itchy Paw Rub


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