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Accidents Happen

Dog healing balm

Accidents happen, and our Sore Salve is our best selling product for a reason.

natural dog sore remedy

"I wouldn't want to be without this in my first aid box" - Wendy Tucker

Our customers keep a pot in their dogs first aid kit to assist their dogs skin in times of need.

Just a few of the issues that will benefit from Sore Salve:

Available in three sizes:


Have a look at these before and after photos submitted by one of our customers of her dog suffering with with hotspots:

Natural dog sore remedy

"This morning at 7am this was the hot spot on my dog's leg ( she gets them regularly) as always I applied Sore Salve Healing Balm. The next photo is taken at 8pm this evening. The difference is amazing! I can guarantee within a few days this will be gone" - Sarah Shelley

buy dog sore treatment online

Dog hot spots are usually self-inflicted. If your dog repeatedly licks and bites at a certain area on their body (my dog bites her feet and lower legs which is one of the most common areas for hot spots) then they are liable to get themselves a hot spot in said area.

Also known as acral lick dermatitis it’s a localised infection. There are lots of potential reasons that dogs start this pattern of behaviour in the first place. Most people agree that the cause is usually because the dog feels itchy, or sore and it starts as a relief mechanism which quickly moves into causing trauma to their skin.

Our Sore Salve blend with it's unique blend of essential oils to support healting. The essential oils have been traditionally used for their antibacterial,  antiparasitic, astringent, antiseptic & skin softening properties. The oils have also been used for centuries to promote new skin growth and reduce fungal bloom.

Our tests and our customers have shown Sore Salve to have a remarkable effect in supporting new skin growth and soothing symptoms whilst helping your dog remain happy.

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