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This week we're taking the Health Mutt family on holiday.  When I say family this includes our four dogs.  We have a variety of dogs, a Collie x German Shepherd, 2 chihuahuas and a crazy Patterdale Terrier called Bella who started Health Mutt.

We're off to Scotland and to a Scottish island.  It's rich with Deer and we have been advised to look out for fleas & especially ticks.

This year having spent lots of time thinking about fleas, ticks and other things people use chemicals on we've decided to try and improve on our Flea Be Gone shampoo and our Stay Away spray designed to repel fleas and help prevent ticks. We've had plenty of great feedback on them but heading into tick territory we've come up with a new, improved recipe and will be trying it out on our holidays.  With a different blend of essential oils, including Lemon Eucalyptus, we've still kept Neem as it's so effective against ticks but we've added Quassia too.  Amongst a number of other natural ingredients we believe this could potentially be the most effective natural flea & tick preventative on the market.  Watch this space.

It's also midge / mosquito heaven there and yes we've invented a natural spray we can use on ourselves and our children.  Of that works when we've heard NOTHING works against them in parts of Scotland we will be looking to offer it.  

We shall update you on our war with fleas, ticks and mosquitos on our return!


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2015-08-08 14:15:59

Whenever there is a warning to wash skin immediately on contact with a chemical yet the way to use the chemical is to apply liberally to your dogs skin I find myself shaking my head with incredulity.  How can I in good conscience drip this liquid solution onto my beloved friends skin and wash my hands thoroughly after use to ensure I wont be harmed by any of the potential side effects?

Yet this is what we are asked to do time and time again with the many prescription (and non prescription) chemical flea solutions in our market.  There is no denying that they work, but what’s the cost?  Every liquid flea product contains at least one toxic chemical – imidacloprid, fipronil, permethrin, methoprene, pyriproxyfen, carbaryl or propoxur. All are listed as cancer-causing agents by the EPA. (environmental protection agency in the USA)

Aside from causing cancer, also doing the rounds on Facebook this spring have been photographs of a dog that suffered horrific ‘burns’ after a chemical flea treatment was applied, sadly a new story has been circulating of a poor westie dying potentially as a result of a conventional chemical flea treatment.   For us personally, we used a chemical spot-on treatment once on a small dog of ours (a couple of years before we got chemical savvy) and our dog was visibly poorly and lethargic after her treatment.  Unless we were in dire straits we would NEVER use a product like this again. 

Now fleas are a problem that we don’t want our dogs to have and summer time out and about in the long grass fleas can be a problem.  But is a bunch of chemicals the only way we can look after the flea situation for our dogs?

No, there are so many things that you can do to look after your dog this summer to help ensure that they don’t get a flea problem.

  1. Shampoo:  Look for a shampoo that contains no chemicals and has a combination of flea-repelling essential oils to ensure that fleas don’t consider your dog a good host.  Our Be Gone flea shampoo contains a blend of THREE essential oils, each one designed to keep all kinds of creepy crawlies at bay.
  2. Coat Spray:  Before you go out it’s a good idea to spray your dog with a safe and effective coat spray to ensure that no fleas or ticks want to get on to your dog.  Our Stay Away flea & tick spray contains essential oils AND Neem oil.
  3. Garlic – this is more of a controversial one, but anecdotally it’s thought that small daily amounts of garlic fed to your dog will prevent them from being attractive hosts to fleas.  Please do your own research on this.
  4. Washing bedding, blankets etc.  We have recently heard from a customer who washes her dogs blankets and beds in our flea preventative shampoo together with standard washing product.  We love this idea and the essential oils will help deter fleas from living on the dogs bedding
  5. A home spray.  This is something we are currently working on, a spray for your home that not only smells lovely, but has flea deterring essential oils to help keep your home fresh and help stop the bedding and furniture from becoming a home to pesky fleas!

We are currently working on a number of 100% natural improvements that are undergoing testing on our own dogs.  Keep an eye on our flea and tick products as they are continually improving and expanding.

Have a look at our complete range here

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We Need Your Reviews

2015-01-04 15:21:57

Happy New Year to you and your lovely dogs!

As you can see we have improved our website for you over the Christmas period and we hope you like it.  Please feel free to let us know how much you love it or anything you'd like to see improved by emailing

We are now in need of your reviews.  We hear from our customers all the time via email and we get so many reviews on Amazon & Ebay but we need you to add your reviews here, directly on our website so we can let others know how high our quality standards are and how effective our products are in helping dogs.  So please take a minute to add your review by finding the product you want to review and clicking the add review button. 

This year we plan on expanding our natural treat and toy range.  We would love to hear from you if you make a natural dog treat or toy.  We provide ourselves on offering unique, new products that may not be featured in many other places so please email us if you would like us to consider your products.

Our facebook page has been very quiet whilst we took our Christmas break with our children but school is back and so are we, ready and raring to go in 2015.  It's going to be our best year yet!  Please join us on our facebook page where we share all things dog.  We try and keep our page happy and upbeat and we regularly feature your dogs and other dogs in need of homes.

Have a terrific 2015 everyone, hope you have many happy walks and sunny days!

From Lisa & the Health Mutt family.


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