• 2015-08-18 14:13:32
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  • Lisa

This week we're taking the Health Mutt family on holiday.  When I say family this includes our four dogs.  We have a variety of dogs, a Collie x German Shepherd, 2 chihuahuas and a crazy Patterdale Terrier called Bella who started Health Mutt.

We're off to Scotland and to a Scottish island.  It's rich with Deer and we have been advised to look out for fleas & especially ticks.

This year having spent lots of time thinking about fleas, ticks and other things people use chemicals on we've decided to try and improve on our Flea Be Gone shampoo and our Stay Away spray designed to repel fleas and help prevent ticks. We've had plenty of great feedback on them but heading into tick territory we've come up with a new, improved recipe and will be trying it out on our holidays.  With a different blend of essential oils, including Lemon Eucalyptus, we've still kept Neem as it's so effective against ticks but we've added Quassia too.  Amongst a number of other natural ingredients we believe this could potentially be the most effective natural flea & tick preventative on the market.  Watch this space.

It's also midge / mosquito heaven there and yes we've invented a natural spray we can use on ourselves and our children.  Of that works when we've heard NOTHING works against them in parts of Scotland we will be looking to offer it.  

We shall update you on our war with fleas, ticks and mosquitos on our return!