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This is Health Mutt

Health Mutt Headquarters has 4 dogs here that range from adolescent to elderly, different breeds, different sizes and different sexes. As you can imagine with 4 dogs in the house it's never quiet. But also you do find yourself managing mainly minor, sometimes major health conditions.

We decided to set up Health Mutt after a few of our dogs needed additional health and support and we didn't want it to be chemical. We have battled and won against repeated colitis, seperation disorders in a rescue dog, and we are offering ongoing support for our elderly Collie x GSD who has hip problems, allergies and hot spots.

As a result we have experience in vet prescribed treatments. After we got dog number 2 we suddenly had a dog that suffered repeated colitis and was on repeat antibiotics for it. Each time it got better only to bafflingly come back again in no time. And this is how it started, we began to research our dogs internal health and how to get more optimum digestive health for her. We switched over to raw feeding and invested in probiotics for her. In no time she was better and we haven't had a repeat of those days since. Another of our dogs was rescued and came to us with a serious (but surprisingly common) anxiety disorder called Separation disorder / separation anxiety. This required a proper program and a number of natural anxiety busting natural products and a diet change. After 3 months she no longer suffered. So we decided that as natural and it can be for dogs in many cases rights the balance in the dogs using natural support products can make a world of difference to how your dog feels physically, mentally and emotionally. To live with 4 (mainly!!) balanced dogs is a privilege.

We still have a strong belief in veterinary medicine, dogs live long lives thanks to this, but we firmly believe that this should co-exist with natural healing, to treat our beloved dogs with as much care and respect as we should.

We have selected our products carefully, we want everything to be as natural but as premium as possible. Natural materials, oils, collected in the best way for them to remain intact and therefore pass on the ultimate benefit to your dog. We use everything in our shop on our own dogs - with astounding success.

We have developed a number of natural products for dogs too that have been ethically tested on us, volunteers, dogs and other animals - only ever to heal them and never with any adverse reactions - our products work and help to support healing.

Please enjoy our shop, look around and be in touch we'd love to hear from you.

If you want help with anything to do with your dog and we can offer some advice be in touch!

We set up with the motto "To help a dogs physical, mental and emotional wellbeing" and we fully intend to keep on doing that.

Paw Balm & Moisturiser

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  1. Soothe Paw Pal Paw wax 60ml

    60ml size tin. Winter paw protection for your dog sealing our grit, salt, ice and snow. Also helpful in stopping dogs slip on laminate and tiles floors. Soothe variety contains a blend of essential oils designed to soothe physically and emotionally.

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  2. Health Mutt Paw Amour Simple 80ml

    A balm to use on your dogs paws after bathing to keep your dogs paw pads supple and less likely to split due to dryness. Contains no essential oils.

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  3. Health Mutt Paw Amour 80ml

    A balm to use on your dogs paws after bathing to keep your dogs paw pads supple and less likely to split due to dryness.

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Paw Balm & Moisturiser.

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