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why does my dog bite its paws

Itchy Stained Paws, what to do?

Itchy paws are one of the most frustrating things that dogs and their owners face.  Having a dog with chronically itchy paws is one of the reasons we developed our Itchy Paw Rub in the first place.  Having spent time and money at the vets and investing in many food changes we were very aware that the problem still existed.

The problem with itchy paw issues is that a multi-prongued approach is usually required rather than a one medicine / product / food that will magically fix it.  The red staining that the paws get is unsightly and the yeast that causes this staining compounds the problem by continuing the itch.

natural dog itchy paw remedy

The Natural Approach

The good news is that our Itchy Paw Rub was researched and developed to harness the best of nature in one unique blend of oil.  It was designed to help with the following:

  • to help kill the yeast that causes the brown / red staining and prolonges the itch
  • cool the itch and help your dog find some relief 
  • to assist in killing fungus between your dogs toes
  • to support the skin and assist new skin growth

The blend of ingredients and essential oils in our Itchy Paw rub are safe - even when licked - and have been traditionally used for centuries.  For Example the ancient greeks and romans noticed the many benefits of Oregano oil many years ago and used it for ailments connected to fungal and yeast infections.

Available in two sizes:



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Itchy Paw Rub


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